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Salah Hafez

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Salah Hafez
Vice President, DEEPS Lebanon
Speaker 2019


Salah Hafez is a Geophysicist by training and obtained his Master Degree in Geophysics from the University of Leeds, the UK, in 1971. He spent most of his career in oil and gas exploration and production in the Middle East.

He held the position of Vice Chairman for Exploration and Petroleum Agreements of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) in the period 1985-1991. During his six year tenure in office, he introduced, for the first time, a gas clause to the Production Sharing Agreements (PSA). It took two years to negotiate with the largest multinational companies to entice their appetite to invest in the Gas prone areas and in the deep waters of the Mediterranean. The new gas clause addressed the gas like oil in a production sharing concepts despite the differences in the nature of the two products 

His experience in the East Mediterranean is multifaceted. He took an instrumental role in the demarcation of borders of the exclusive economic zones of Egypt in compliance with the convention of “the Law of the Sea”.

Mr Hafez was also appointed as the Chairman of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency in the period 1991-1997 when he introduced the first law for environmental protection in 1994.

He is currently the Vice President of “DEEPS”, a Lebanese company newly established for servicing oil and gas activities in Lebanon.