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Salah El-Ekhfifi

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Salah El-Ekhfifi
Exploration Geologist National Oil Corporation - Libya
Speaker 2019


Salah is currently an exploration geologist in the National Oil Corporation, Libya. He has been involved across the various oil exploration processes for the three years with keen experience in the field of petroleum exploration.

Current projects Salah is involved with include:

  • Evaluation of the Contract Areas located in the Gulf of Sirt, Offshore Sirt Basin, Libya
  • Spotlight on the Middle Miocene as a future exploration target in the onshore and offshore Libya
  • Uses of benthic foraminifera in monitoring of oil pollution in Libyan oil ports

Salah is a graduate in Geology from the University of Benghazi, he is a member in many international scientific societies and a committee member of Lybian society of earth science to activate Benghazi branch and a part of the Africa Oil week Advisory Board.