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Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand
Event Date: 
02-03 December 2021
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Laury Haytayan

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Laury Haytayan
MENA Director, Natural Resource Governance Institute
Speaker 2019


Laury Haytayan is an oil and gas governance and geopolitics expert. She is the Middle East and North Africa director at the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) in charge of setting the strategic trajectory for the region in accordance with the organizations’ mission and vision.

She represents NRGI in the region and she oversees the implementation of programs and projects. Prior to becoming the director, Laury was the MENA senior officer in charge of the media and parliamentary capacity building programs. She played a leading role in establishing the MENA knowledge hub in Lebanon in 2014 and the Lebanese Coalition for Good Governance in oil and gas in 2018.

Previously, Laury was executive director of Beirut-based Arab Region Parliamentarians Against Corruption (ARPAC), where she worked with parliamentarians and civil society groups to strengthen legislators' oversight and legislative capacities. Prior to working with ARPAC, she was in charge of regional grassroots projects in Bahrain, Yemen and Saudi Arabia focused on promoting the role of women in development and policymaking. For the past fourteen years, Laury worked with various stakeholders promoting a culture of accountability, transparency, and rule of law in public institutions in the Middle East and North Africa.

She has several publications on oil and gas in Lebanon and the EastMed and is a regular on TV shows and serves as a resource for media outlets.

She holds a master’s in Middle East politics from the University of Exeter and a B.A. in communication arts from the Lebanese American University. She speaks Arabic, French, English and Armenian. In 2014, the Arab Women's Council granted her an award for her active role in the field of social responsibility and accountability. In 2015, the Lebanese Green Party granted her an award for her efforts in strengthening the role of the Lebanese women in politics. In 2016, the Tunisian Association of Parliamentary Advisors granted her an award for her support to the Tunisian parliament in natural resource governance.