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Schlumberger always demonstrated unique capabilities in the oil and gas different environment enabled by our digitalization future roadmap. The company has integrated world-class technologies that work together across exploration and production activities to maximize return on investment for our customers. As the world's leading provider of technology for reservoir characterization, drilling, production, and processing to the oil and gas industry, Schlumberger is uniquely positioned to tell this story.

  • Schlumberger exploration capabilities starting from multiclient library through the unique evaluation technologies backed up by  drilling precision technology like GeoSphere®, logging and sampling with track record performance with Saturn®, capturing the lowest mobile oil ever, and the latest environmentally friendly testing technologies that brings both environmental impact and efficiency together via time and efficiency through Vx Spectra®. Combining such capabilities and technologies accelerating the discovery to production cycle significantly. This not only brining return on investments early but also reduce the drilling and exploration cost by de-risking the exploration activities.
  • Development and production enhancement integrated technologies represented in Schlumberger integrated workover approach combining multiple technologies focusing on increasing wells efficiencies. Starting from candidate selection through rigorous cased hole evaluation with open hole logging quality Pulsr®, resources management and intervention programs capitalizing on unique technologies in farcing HighWay® and artificial lifting.
  • Schlumberger Deep Water footprint in Mediterranean delivering fit for purpose technologies aiming at increasing reliability and reduce cost, bringing international experience in reservoir evaluation and well construction with precision NeoSphere® combined with best in class landing strings and industry standard subsea well heads by Cameron group.
  • Innovation as an essential pillar of Schlumberger contribution to the industry. Rig of the Future as an enabler for efficient drilling returns.  As well, Digital platforms contributing to the modernization of the oil and gas market delivering data value in a faster manner. Standardizing production reporting nationwide through integrated platforms AVOCET®.
  • Schlumberger engagement with the local industry stakeholders though several MOUs focusing on HSE, capability building and talent development. Combining Schlumberger continuous involvement in the development of oil and gas resources and its commitment to CSR participation.